Jill Lauri, MBA, MSW

Living with Authenticity and Purpose

Jill uses creative, innovative, and spiritual approaches to Coaching, Counseling, Training, and Healing. She helps clients find their passion, so that they can live with authenticity and purpose. Jill also leads groups on a variety of customized themes including how to Capitalize On Stress, Transform Using Creativity, Morph Change Into Opportunity and Cope With Traumatic Events

Message From Jill About Healing Corona

This is a time to open up to New Possibilities and Fresh Ways of Looking at the World. Universal Strategies can help in navigating this challenging time. In spite of our current Social Distancing, we are All Connected, so please remember that You Are Not Alone! 

With an MBA from Columbia Business School and an MSW from Hunter College School of Social Work, I have expertise in coaching and counseling people, using innovative tools to move through Anxiety, Loss,and Fear. I am providing Coaching and Virtual Presentations to help people Manage Stress/Grief/Fear in H
ealing Corona. Please contact me for Scheduling/Questions.

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